This is some basic information about how our email system handles your email.

If you have questions after reading this, Please call me. If you are an authorized user of this system you know my phone number and email and how to reach me.
On-line access to your email.

On-line Access to the email system is at

spam filter

When enabled, I will filter junk emails (spam) that this account receives using SpamAssassin. Occasionally though, when filtering, I will:

  • mark some valid messages as spam
  • allow some spam through the filter

On deciding that a message is spam, I can:

  • tag message as spam - add the word "*****SPAM*****" to the message subject and the "X-Spam-Flag" attribute to the message header. You can then use your current email program to filter these messages when you download them.
  • delete - only recommended if you can live with the fact that I may delete some valid messages. My filtering rules are good, but I may occasionally get it wrong.
accept/deny lists

I can also filter emails based on accept/deny lists. I process emails I receive from addresses in these lists without passing them through the spam filter as follows:

  • deliver messages from addresses in the accept list (white listing)
  • delete messages from addresses in the deny list (black listing)

If a sender's email does not match in either list, I will use the challenge/response rule to decide what to do next. When enabled, senders of emails I receive from addresses not on either list must manually confirm that they sent the message to you before I deliver it to you. The challenge/response rules I can use are:

  • off - deliver the email to you
  • manual accept - sender must confirm each message sent to you
  • auto accept - when sender confirms first message, I will add them to your accept list

Note: Although you can use the accept/deny feature in conjunction with spam filtering, it can also be used with spam filtering disabled.